Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My “Short Story”


Hi, there,

just a brief post, I finished sewing “Short Story”, the Plan C for this month’s Schnibbles.

I used Charms Packs again, “Botany” from Moda.



A closer look:


I’ve just received the new Marie Claire and a book with the mail, I’ll show you in my next post.

DS1 left home this morning. Boxes with all his things, books, his bike, his computer.

I still have tears in my eyes.


signature Suzie

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slowly coming back


I’ve been away for a while, but I’m still here.

I have to stop and think before I answer “when did I come back from the holidays?…”

Seriously, I have no idea. Though I can say that we came back on a Saturday and on Monday we started to look for a place for DS1. He is moving out. He got an answer from the University and everything had to be done in such a short period of time.

He is the first one to leave home so this situation is “new” to us. I am happy for him, he’s going to study what he wanted. But that is not just a matter of packing his suitcases and leaving home. It takes more than 3 hours drive because the high way is a terrible one, constantly full. Getting a small apartment for a student is a hard job, it means much more work, for him and for us, too. In the middle of getting things done I got the bugs….Quite hard this time, I felt miserable.

DS2’s turn. He went with his class and teacher on a trip for about a week – everything went fine, he only came back home with a cold and a sore throat.

It is still all in haywire….The kitchen from IKEA is going to be set up today and tomorrow (if everything goes fine). The rest will be on its way on Monday and Tuesday next week. On Wednesday he wants to go to his first lecture. Whew!….Is it then finally settled?!…A little voice tells me, “no,dear”….

How mistaken I was to think I would have time for other things…My chaos is now much more confusing than ever before. I am slowly coming back to my sewing room, doing my best not to juggle appointments around, and hoping I can soon keep track of some deadlines.

The Schnibbles for July was on my list, and though I started it, I was not able to finish it on time. It was done a week or so later. I preferred to sew the pattern like Stina did:


Here is a better picture:


How many days I have to finish the Schnibble pattern for August??

I chose Plan C (Short Story) and that’s how it looks so far:



Messy or productive?

Either way, I like this picture! It gives me the feeling I’ve been sewing.

Remember the sneak peaks I showed from gifts I was making for two dear friends?

Simone received hers on time: (the little dog reminded me of her real dog Bibi):



I was glad to hear she liked them.

But Deb never got hers…..

I’m so sad about it. I keep asking what happened to the parcel, who is cuddling Bob “the Bear”?…..These gifts were for her:




Now…I know what is missing here, pictures of the holidays, right?


But….I can only show you two!!!!

Thanks to my bird brain, the batteries of my camera could not be reloaded. Great.

Here is the bridge:


And here comes the ship to takes us to….




I can go there again and again, it is always a pleasure!

At home I decided to take pictures of the things we bought there, things we like. Is it ok? I hope so. Then I played a little with some of the pictures.

I love Marie Kiks, I had to buy an extra package to bring home:



I love blueberry cakes, pies, jam, everything!


What about in these colors?


The original Blueberry jam:


Lavender honey, it tastes so delicious:


I still have to try this:



You prepare the dough, leave it over night in the fridge and you can bake them next morning. Sounds good to me!  Havregryn means oat meal.

Home made Hot dogs for the “boys”!


And even though DS2 is not a “little child” anymore, he still loves to eat this sort of cheese:



Isabellas is a very nice magazine with ideas for decoration, garden and cooking and baking:


Combinations in orange and blue:


An unusual bedroom:


A lovely box:




This is an informative picture from a card:


It is interesting to know that  the word “gift” means poison in Danish and in German!

In this case, one should be aware of these beautiful flowers, they are “Pretty, but poisonous”!

That’s all for now.

Hoping that life will soon get into a “normal” and smooth flow

and wishing you a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie