Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A beautiful day – and my Roundabout


Hi, there!

For about more than two weeks I received parcels and kept them safely in the living room – can you imagine how hard it was to wait until I could open them?!

But I am a good girl and I did not peek!

Last Friday was the day!

And what a wonderful day I had! The sun was shining in the morning and though it rained in the late afternoon, that did not spoil that special day.

My family and friends were here and we had a lovely afternoon with tea, coffee and cake.


DH gave me great books (I’ll show them in my next post), wonderful flowers, and a very funny T-shirt:


He said that is how he sometimes find me in my sewing room!!!

I have to confess…. that is true!

The first parcel I got was from Anne Marie with a beautiful and practical organizer, pretty fat quarters, a nice card and lovely buttons.

I like it so much! It matches perfectly with a gorgeous tote bag I got from one of her giveaways. Tusend takk, dear Anne Marie!




The second one was from Ulla. It was a huge parcel, the postman had a curious expression on his face when I opened the door!

She sent me a Unicef doll she makes to raise money, you can read more about it here. Isn’t she lovely? Her name is Martha. She is dressed in her school uniform, she is a very good schoolgirl, she likes to take walks and , what makes me happy, she loves handiwork!!


Her sister, Dot, is living with Melanie, and that is a little bit far away…Martha told me she is missing her sister already and she wants to write to her as soon as possible.

Wonderful presents, dear Ulla! I felt like a little girl!


The third one was from dear Stephanie.  She wrapped the presents in a beautiful tea towel!


Inside there was a wonderful fabric (for a bag), gromets, lavender bags, and a crochet wash cloth:


The gifts are so lovely, thank you!


From sweet Melanie came two parcels. She wrote that the first one was not the “proper present”, but I did not open until Friday. The second one came later, it was a round parcel!


I love the wrapping paper and the card with snowdrops.

But I love this basket much, much more!


How pretty is that? I’m still amazed by her work!

And there were so many lovely goodies inside, flannel, a thimble for my collection, a nice pen, a perfumed candle, a little heart tin with tiny needles, chocolate eggs and a wonderful tea towel.




I call the “not proper” gifts an extra care to sweeten the days!


Heartfelt thanks, dear friend!


Simone, another dear friend of mine, sent me lovely presents, too.


You girls have such great wrapping papers, I’m keeping them all! Sweet butterflies on the notepad with a pen:


This is one of the most cute little bunny stitchery ( the other one lives with Melanie!), here a closer look:



I love them, Simone! Thank you so much!

All of you made my day a special one, full of loving and caring, warmth and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Oh, I still have to show my “Roundabout”!

I used “Cherish Nature” from Deb Strain (Moda). It is a very nice color combination, I’m pleased with it.


Wishing each of you a lovely, sunny and creative week!

signature Suzie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where’s the thread???

That’s a real problem for me, I get sidetracked and then… I simply loose the thread …and need some time to find it again…

I needed a push! And a straight off one!

Have you seen fabric covered canvas? Like the ones here?

I decided to try it. Just a little bit different.

I found a cute rabbit pattern from Nancy Halvorsen:


It took me about an hour and soon after it was hanging on the wall!!!

You would like to see the back? Well…Ok!


Not that “clean”, right? But for some weeks during Easter it is not that bad! And it is ALWAYS hanging on the right side! ;-)))

That brought me back to sewing and crafting, what should I ask for more??

These ones also belong to Easter and I had fun making them:


Then all of a sudden…

I realized that the Schinnibles project for this month is not ready yet!!!

I started cutting right away!


So, that’s all for now gals!

I have go get “Roundabout” sewn!

I’m “on the road” again and that makes me smile!

Have the most lovely week!


signature Suzie

Friday, March 5, 2010

Time for a new generation


I cannot tell whether it is kind of a conspiracy or just a strange coincidence….

It started with the dish washer, this machine seems to claim for attention every now and then. Luckily this time it could be repaired – for a notorious amount of money, of course.

Not three days later the washer got “infected”, too. What is going on?!…DH tried his best to see if he himself could repair it. He gave up hours later….After 15 years of good mutual work I have to say goodbye to my loyal friend. Will the new one be as good as my old one?…

Then something really bad happened, my ruler got broken. (Please, don’t ask me how, that is so embarrassing…) I need to replace it soon.

May I go on? My iron “forgot” that it has a “Anti-Drip” function. And it is not “that” old! The ironing board was getting more than wet.  I tried later again, it seemed to work and I thought nothing was wrong. Finally yesterday I had the afternoon for my sewing!… (I thought….) I turned on the iron, started ironing, and I heard a sizzling. That was it, a short circuit….”What happened??!, We have no electricity! What did I do?…” DH said, it was no one’s guilt, “shit happens!”. And he fixed it. My angel.

Melanie called it a “black cloud of doom” and I agree! Please, black cloud, go AWAY!

That was our contribution to help the economy, we had to buy new electrical equipments, but enough already! I’ve had it.

To my frustration I did not manage to sew half as much as I wanted to.  This is a post without pictures, I have nothing new to show…And what I have I can’t!!! The birthday gifts for two lovely blogfriends will soon be on their way to them ;-)))

Hoping next week will be a creative and good one for all of us!

See you,


signature Suzie