Sunday, August 30, 2009

The joys of sewing again

Are the colors?  Or is it the pattern, or the beautiful fabrics?

Or  is is all together that makes one feels so glad about sewing a quilt?

Planning a quilt is something special,  you see a pattern that you just love, then you look for fabric in your stash or go to a quilt shop (I always have to!…), wash them and ohh, how lovely they smell!

Cutting, sewing, making some little changes here and there, planning the quilting, adding the binding and getting it done.  That is a long process, isn’t it? But it is a wonderful one!

There is love in every single step, the love for the one who you are making it for, the love for fabric, patterns, sewing, quilting.  Every time the same steps, but you never get tired of it because you know how  that makes you happy. 

It remembers me what the fox told The Little Prince, “It is the time you lavished on your rose which makes your rose so important”. To me it is not only the time spent on a quilt that makes the quilt so important, it is also the  love sewn in every stitch.  Do you feel the same?

I tried something new  this time, instead of using batting and the back side, I used fleece only.

It actually worked better than I expected, no puckers on the back and I could stitch in the ditch around the blocks:

2009_0830blog-photos0011 But it needed more quilting.  When you have only these two layers, you realize that. But hand quilting, well, not a good idea, the fleece is too thick, your fingers would absolutely strike on this matter! I got the idea from Eileen,  she’s been using a running large black stitch to quilt her lovely vintage quilt. That was the solution!  Thanks Eileen!




I’m sorry the pictures are not that good, but when I used  flash they looked even worse.

It was a new experience, maybe I’ll make other quilts like this one, but I still prefer the traditional way! Even when my knees and back get so sore afterwards.

I’ve also finished some Preemies quilts for donation




Though it’s  hard to see, I’ve quilted hearts all around, there are big ones, small ones , medium ones….




A dear friend gave me flannel in light, tender colors and once more, hearts as quilting motifs:



For two dear friends who have birthday in September I’m going to sew something special for them. I hope to show you some sneak peak next time!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!


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bear stitch 2

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I’m still here…


This long absence was not planned, but somehow it just had to take place.

I got sidetracked.

I felt “empty”.

I needed time for myself, for my thoughts, time to organize the chaos in my mind and in my sewing room.  I needed to breathe. The break was necessary. It is like a car that runs out of fuel and can’t go on. But it is still on the road and as soon as the tank is full, you know you can continue the journey.  This time I really needed time to re-tank and now I’m slowly coming back.

I thank once more for the  encouraging words, they were really appreciated and they helped me, too.  And I was touched again by these lovely friends that sent me gifts and cards, you girls are so loving and caring.


The wonderful lavender sachets from sweet Melanie. They smell so good, so calming. She always find the right words!


A sweet card and a delicious tea bag from the friendly Stephanie,  such a heartwarming gift!


Pretty knitted potholder, dishcloth and a pattern from Ulla, a very caring friend, who is always there to cheer you up.



To all of you!!!!





To find my way back to quilting I decided it would be better to finish some of my projects, I guess because I need the feeling of having something accomplished in my hands rather than planning something new. Then, the next decision was, what should I work on?

Remember the quilt with reds, pinks and blues I started last year for Christina? The time is there to get it done. I sorted out the blocks:




It looks like some blocks are missing….

Better take a look at my scrap bags and finally say hi to the sewing machine.




That’s how I got so far:


The blocks are all in different sizes, what makes it difficult to find a way to sew them together. A solution was to sew borders and square them up to 9 1/2”  X 9 1/2”. I’m pleased with it!

A little break to sew a gift for one of my friend’s birthday.  Actually, the time I needed to sew this pincushion would have been enough to bake a real cake!!! But, that was something she still did not have and she was very happy!! And me too!











And talking about pincushion…

On my last post I showed pictures of the pincushion I sent to my partner Jillian in Canada,  she got it on time and she liked it!  But I had no luck with this swap, I never got a pincushion…I waited and waited, but nothing came with the mail…I know that this can happen, but it is sad.




I saw these “tearrific” fabrics and, what else?

I bought them!




Now I’m going to visit my blogging friends!

I wish you a lovely and very creative week!




signature Suzie