Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A passion for pincushions

Hi there!

today I can show you a little private Pincushion Swap with Marie-Jozé . I sent her the Heart Pincushion/Needle-holder and yesterday I got this little cutie :


Isn’t it sweet? I love this little sheep! A lovely one to my collection! :-)))) Thanks Marie-Jozé!

Here is the one she got from me:


For the One Project a Month I wanted to sew some more pincushions and what I had in mind was Cup Cakes. First I tried the pattern from Cindy Taylor Oates :


A little yoyo and a twisted ribbon as embellishment is a neat idea, she also suggests a ribbon flower, but that is something hard to find around here.

Then I made one from Tonne Finnanger’s pattern in her book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle:

2009_0225blog-photos0013 2009_0225blog-photos0014

It is suggested to sew berries on top, but I didn’t have that either, so I made another yoyo and I think it looks just as nice!

I also wanted to try this pattern:


It is in the magazine Handmade 25/11. But I won’t get it done this week  due to some appointments…I hope the two Cup Cakes pincushions are all right as my projects for February!

About my passion for little/miniature quilts…

It seems like I just can’t stop sewing them at the moment! Yes, I made another little top! If you ask me when, well,  I’d say “while you were sleeping”!!! These little doll quilts and wall hangings make me so happy!


I wish you a lot of time to spend in your sewing rooms so you can give your sewing machines the love and attention they  need! ;-)))

Until next time!


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Friday, February 20, 2009

I’ve sewn so much but have not much to show!

That is true, although I have finished all the projects for some swaps, I am not supposed to show them because they are all secrets!…After setting the doubts aside (Have I made enough? … Are the projects right for this swap?…And so on and so on, I think you know what I mean!...) I really got carried away and had a lot of fun finishing the last stitches,  adding some embellishments and looking for the extra goodies to send to my partners.  I also sent a little parcel to Robyn (Australia) with Hexagons of Hope, I hope the they will arrive soon.

But I took some pictures and when it is not a secret anymore I will show you what I made, it is a promise.

I got a very nice parcel from Nicolette this week! She surprised me sending some lovely gifts. That made me so happy!


I love the basket with blue fabrics! Look at the little bee, isn’t it sweet? And the fabrics are great, with bee motifs! I’ve got to think of something special to use them!


Thank you so much Nicolette!


One of my favorite magazines came last week! Marie Claire is always so full of wonderful pictures and ideas,  I just have to show you some of them:






It is a funny idea for knitters and ideal for my children, a lot of vegetables that they don’t have to eat!





For the “apronists” there are some pretty neat ideas:













I like this one here, it looks so funny and original too! It is on my list now!….





In case you like button wholes, with this project you will have a lot of fun! Linen and red embellishments is a beautiful combination:










Only one more week and February is gone!!!….

Time shows no mercy, it does not matter whether I was able to finish what was on my list or not,  March is just around the corner!

During the weekend I’ll get  a little project done for the OPAM and I hope my second BOM.

It is Carnival and the parades in Cologne,  Mainz and Düsseldorf are taking place on the streets. I don’t live near these cities so I can only see the parades on TV.  I am not much of a fan, but a little sneak peak of it is ok! When the kids were younger and they had their parties ( like Mardi Gras) at Kindergarden and schools, I used to sew the clothes for them, they were magicians, clowns, Star Wars, Asterix, it was a nice time!

So I finish this post with the Carnival greetings:

ALAAF! (Cologne)

HELAU! (Mainz, Düsseldorf)

I wish you a lovely weekend!








Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dear friends

Wishing each one of you, near and far, a lovely Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the winner is.....

Hi there!
Today is the day to pick up the winner!
I thank all of you who entered, it was nice reading about your first Valentine's gift!
I printed the names, cut, folded each one carefully and

had my problems holding the camera and picking a name at the same time!!!!
But it worked!
And the winner is

Congratulations, I hope you will enjoy your parcel!
Please send me an eMail with your address, the giveaway will soon be on its way to you!

On Sunday we celebrated another birthday, DS2 got older!!!
I baked his favorite cake and some sweeties, "the same procedure as every year"!
We had a nice breakfast together, with croissants (he loves it) and his presents. His friends came in the afternoon and they had their fun! It was a nice day, even the sun came out for a while!
......Why do they have to grow up that fast?........

Can you see a happy smile on my face?
One of the little quilts is done :-))))
I'm having so much fun sewing and quilting them!

There are so many big quilts I would love to make, but since I won't be able to achieve this goal in a lifetime LOL!!! it sounds like a good idea to me to make the small versions!

The handquilting is coming along quite nicely, I thought the pinwheels should give an impression of movement so I'm quilting kind of swirls:

Ready for another cup of tea and some more sewing and quilting?
Join me! We can chat and laugh and in a jiffy we will have our handiwork finished!
Wouldn't that be nice?
Happy quilting!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Valentine's Day Giveaway

I have a giveaway to celebrate Valentine's Day next week!
A heart pincushion/needle holder, a Tilda's bunny (Easter is coming!) and Tilda's ribbon. The chocolate is a surprise!

I made this pincushion so many times to give as gifts years ago. And as everybody knows, "The baker's child gets no bread", that means, I still have none!....
But this one is for you!
Fortunately I found the pattern I cut out of cardboard (in one of the last boxes...) because if I had to look through ALL the magazines I have, it would be Christmas already!!!

And what is special about this heart pincushion?
It has a needle-keeper so you can store your pins (on top) and your sewing needles like this:

I think it is sweet and practical and a lovely gift for a friend!
If you would like to win, leave a comment on this post and tell me if you can still remember your first Valentine's gift! I'll pick the winner on Wednesday 11th.

Until next time!
Happy sewing, quilting and crafting!