Thursday, January 29, 2009

A giveaway, awards and my first One Project a Month!

Kim, from Bitty Bits and Pieces is having a great giveaway!
When you visit her, please tell her I sent you!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is inspiring many people!

Anne Marie gave me this lovely award, she is always so friendly and kind!
Thank you so much, dear friend!
I give it to these friendly, creative people:


And there is one more award!

It goes to these lovely people:

Anne Marie

January is about to say good bye ( oh my, I can't believe it!....), but I'm not late for the One Project a Month Challenge!
My wallhanging is finished :-)))))
I finished the quilting, sewed the binding and then I washed it.
Now it is hanging on the wall and I am happy!
The picture is not that good, it is the absence of light during the winter days ....

For February? Hmmm, I think I have to take a closer look at all the other projects I have around here. I admit I have quite some PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), I sort the fabrics out and pack them with the pattern so it is ready to get started. Are you curious to know how many I have in my sewing room?! I have never counted them.... chuckle!!!!! It is always a good surprise to find something I bought a long while ago and realize, oh gosh, here is the fabric I was sure I still had a piece!!!

Ok, tomorrow is Friday, let's make the best of it and give our sewing machines a lot of care and attention!
Have a creative and wonderful weekend!
See you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you hear the whispers?

Remember the Pin Wheels Quilt top I finished last year?
It was patiently waiting for the basting, but every now and then I heard a whisper coming from the drawer, "...what about quilting during these cold days?...", " stitch at a time..". Or sometimes, just a sigh "...ahhh..."
I couldn't ignore it anymore!
No more excuses, I washed and ironed the backing, measured the batting and got the livingroom free and prepared for this hard task.
After some hours I was done with the basting! :-)))
But my knees.....And my back, they can tell you another story!!!

Despite that (who needs a massage?!....) I am happy it is now ready for handquilting!

After looking through some Doll Quilts books I had to go to my boxes of scraps and start new ones! These little quilts are an addiction, I can use my leftovers, they are fast to sew and to quilt, they always give a cozy feeling. I can't have enough of them! Can you?

This one with Nine patches and the Friendship Stars is from an old book. I just had to make it!

Like many of you I also find the winter evenings the perfect time to sit down and knit (come to think of it, I guess that is the reason why the quil top got a bit jealous!...Winter and no quilting?! Only knitting?:-((((((....).
During the first weeks of January when it was quite cold and snow was everywhere, I picked my knitting needles and some yarn and started knitting these dish cloths. They can be knitted fast and mine are already in use! But I can show you these ones here, they are neat!

Knitting and sewing and trying to get a lot of handiwork done to my heart's content is a wonderful thing! But something that I really like to do seems to have got lost on the way...I haven't baked bread for weeks!
I bought this bread at the bakery, I liked the snow crystal on it! I guess the baker had his fun doing something different!

Now it is time for some more happy stitches!
Wishing each of you a lovely week, full of handiwork and joy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

First BOM finished

Hi there!
Time is flying again, isn't it?
There are some birthdays to be celebrated in the next months and I hope to get some of the gifts done in time and not in the nick of time!
But I had to get my first BOM finished! This little fellow is so sweet, I am anxiously looking for the next block!

I made two little gifts for a very nice friend, Nicolette, the most lovely "flying cow" I ever met!
Now that she has got them, I can show you some pictures.
This is a little pouch with her favorite motif and then I just added some stitchery:

That is how it looks from the inside:

A needle book:

The inside was a funny idea! I'm so glad she liked them!

When I was about to sew the binding to the wallhanging, I had to set it aside and give it a little rest. DS2 got a very bad cold, he had fever during the weekend. Now a terrible cough does not give him a moment of peace, my poor boy, I am so sorry for him...This kind of cold has been going around here, my neighbors, a friend, some other teachers...It is not that cold anymore, the snow is gone, but the infection is still running free!...

Wishing each of you a lovely, creative week, without a cold!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A year of finished projects?

Hi there!
I took the One Project a month Challenge that May Britt and Kris started. I have some projects that I started but then, other things got on the way (as usual!...) and I ended up doing something else. I want to get some small projects done and who knows, one "medium" project.
The wall hanging I sewed last year and even started to hand quilt is the first project I hope to get finished:

Now I only have to finish quilting the borders and add the binding:

Bunny Hill Design is offering a Free Mystery Block of the Month. It looks so lovely! I'm in!!!

I got the last McCall's quilting magazine and this issue has many beautiful quilts, some more inspirations and wishes!...

I love this one.
Somehow quilts with stars always catch my eyes. There is something about stars that fascinates me. My "I wish to sew list" with such quilts gets bigger and bigger!

Most of you wrote that the little sheep would really look much better with stitched legs.
I thought so, too and then I also gave him a head.
Now it looks like a little sheep!

Tomorrow is DS1's birthday!
I will finish garnishing the cake this afternoon and then we just have to get some other things done for him. I wish him a very special day! May he always be healthy and happy! He is one of the best presents God gave me in this life.

Wishing you happy quilting hours and a lovely weekend!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A very happy New Year!!!

I wish all dear blogger friends a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!
Let's hope it will be a very creative one for all of us, plenty of sharing and giving and lovely friends!

After celebrating a peaceful, nice Christmas with our family, opening the lovely gifts, eating delicious things and starting the New Year full of new hopes, wishes and purposes, life is now coming back to normal. The boys still have some days before they have to go to school again and DH goes back to work next week. And Me? Well, I'm trying to get back to my daily chores, which is not that easy!... I did put it aside so I could fully enjoy the holidays!!! And then I had some more time to sew and stitch ;-))) It got much colder, we had some little snow and so it was perfect to sit down and quilt or stitch- what lovely hours!

I needed a gift for Renate, she is so nice, ever willing to help and joyful. She loves to knit and she always have something started so her evenings are not boring. I think she has knitted more socks than one could ever count them! And since she knows I have my problems in knitting socks, I get them from her, it is so great! I really had to think of something nice for her to show how I appreciate what she does. I came to the idea of combining two things she loves, that means chicken and knitting!
I stitched a "chicken knitting socks" and made a fabric pail so she can put her knitting things inside of it:

On the outside I sewed some pockets for her needles and scissors:

I am so glad she like it! She told me it was the perfect gift and that now she has the right place to carry her knitting things. She used to carry them in plastic bags, now that is over!

Though I drink much more tea than coffee, I never say no to a cappuccino! And a expresso is also welcome! What about another combination?!

Anne gave me quite some pieces of linen and I thought I could sew a tote from them and why not with coffee or cappuccino motifs? There are so many beatiful fabrics on the the market with this theme, a few FQs and I was set to start.
I had so much fun that I also made a pouch. I appliqued some written pieces from fabrics, used some buttons and there you go, time for a cup of decicious cappuccino!
What will Anne say when she sees them?

In this Japanese book you can find a lot of little pouches, purses and other tiny, pretty things. There are a lot of applique, sometimes too small, I wonder how tiny their fingers are!!!

I made this little pouch. I think I'll stitch some legs to the little lamb so one can really realize it is a lamb! What do you think?

I have more pictures of my pincushion collection to show you.
This is a little chicken made from Log Cabins:

Here is a pattern from May Britt, they are great as gifts!

A little hat:

And the last ones for today, a little star (English Paper Piecing), a flower (not that easy to sew...) and a simple nine-patch:

It is supposed to get REALLY cold in the next weeks, they say about -20°!!!...And with snowstorms...We have enough wood (and quilts :-)))) , but I hope it won't get that bad.
I wanted to get some handquilting done and I guess that is a very good idea!

Wishing you a lovely and cozy weekend!
Snuggle under your quilts and dream of beautiful patterns!