Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little cats, little bags and more blocks

First I wanted to sew a little bag or a pouch as a birthday gift for one of my friends, but then heard something that was quite sad and I knew I had to sew something else as a little comfort.

My friend Anne lost one of her loved cats. It got hit by a car and it was so badly injured that it died. She was so sad and I understand that, I've already lost pets and it hurts.
A couple of years ago she got a "jeans" cat from me, this time I sewed a couple. I hope it helps a little bit.

I sewed this little bag, it has a lot of place inside for scissors, pens, thread and whatever one can think of. Then I sewd a small pouch and now I don't know which one I'll give as a birhtday gift...Fortunately I still have some weeks to decide!

Once one get started...
I am glad I sewed some more blocks for the quilt! It is fun to see how it starts to grow and grow!
But I need more blocks.

The cherry tree in the garden is in blossom!
I hope we will have cherries this time, last year it was quite poor.
Charlotte told me that their tree didn't have many either, so I guess the problem was the weather.

And here there is little bumble-bee in flight!
Bees, bumble-bees, butterflies and lady bugs, you are all so welcome in my garden!!!
Please come always!

There is a great patchwork event next week in Einbeck, which is a very interesting and nice town here in Germany.
Two years ago was the first time they organized it there and it was a great success.

Susanne and I are taking courses on Thursday and Friday and we hope to have enough time to see all the quilt shows and other programs they have.
I just have to see the "crazy"exhibition in the "Theater der Nacht", the building is something awesome! Let's see if I get a good picture of it.

I'm starting to get my things ready, I have two material lists, oh boy, I have a lot to carry to these courses! The car will completely full!!

I think it will be quite exciting! I'll get to see some nice friends I haven't met a while, I will learn new things and I can see (and probably buy!) beautiful fabrics and stuff.

When I'm back home I'll sort my things out, take my time to rest a little and then I can write about my trip and courses.

Until then, have a nice time and enjoy yourself!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Simply a nice weekend

Before I start writing how the weekend was,

Aren't the roses gorgeous?
I love yellow roses and sometimes my husband surprises me with them.
He brought them on saturday, "they were so beautiful, I just had to bring them home to you", he said.
These gestures mean soooo much to me.
I am so thankful and happy that we met!

First I thought it was kind of a bad joke or that I misundertood what I heard about the weather, it was grey and not nice at all on saturday...But we had to go downtown, both of our sons need new glasses, so the time choosing new ones and swallowing the prices (...) were well spent, the grey sky didn't matter then...

And then of course, baking was on my list! Fresh bread for the weekend.

Well done Mrs. Cookie! It was delicious!

And what do you say?
On Sunday the sun was shining!
Is spring now on its way?!

Look there who came to join us!
This little fellow was "taking a walk" everywhere through the flowers in the garden!

I'm glad you came, little one!
And I'll be looking foward to finding the lady bugs, they are so cute and its said here they bring you luck!

For the ones who also like to knit, I got this snail pattern from Anna
She has a lot of cute patterns for sale and also for free, her ideas are awesome!

For crochet there is the wonderful blog from roman sock
Her owls are something I have on my list!

And I shouldn't forget littlecottonrabbits
Her work is simply unique! I hope to buy something from her one day!

I also took the chance outside to take some more pictures from my blocks. I wanted to compare the difference by contrast and colors.
Well, if that does not make too much difference, I must accept that I AM a miserable photographer!!!...But, I think it looks a little bit better. No?...

This is the latest book I got, I know I just have to sew some of these mini quilts too!!
I like foundation paper piecing, it is precise and it works fine.
When will I start? Good question, I still have to sew quite some more blocks for the quilt. Maybe, "in between time"?!

That's all folks! See you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Problem with photos...

These are the blocks I have sewn so far.
I took some pictures, but it seems that there is a problem with the contrast...
The colors are quite fade in this photo. I hope I can find out how to correct it.
But I'm pleased with the blocks, and that is what counts, right?

I heard on the radio that the weather during the weekend should be nice and sunny, really like spring!
Maybe I can take some more pictures outside and then it will look better?!
Anyway, tomorrow is market and baking day and the sewing will go on too!

Have all a nice weekend!

For a noble cause

Blogland is something amazing, you find new blogs from so many people that make beatiful things!
I am so enthusiastic about it! I have been adding people to my list almost every day! Take a look, it is getting longer and longer!

About a couple of weeks ago I found Lucy
What a beatiful blog! She is a very prolific quilter.

Then I found Devliegendekoe from the Netherlands and it is also a nice one, she is so creativ! And through her blog I learned about Sonnja. She has been working on a very noble cause and I want to help her too.
She sews lovely Teddies for children in Africa and all you have to do is to send her some fabric.

Please go to her blog
There you can find all the information about it.

I wanted to post this soon, the more people read about it, the better!
I'm still sewing new blocks and I'll take some photos this afternoon and post it.
Now it is time to cook!

See you later!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finishing some projects and beginning a new one

I had a very nice weekend, it was one of those you just feel fine, it didn't matter how the weather was.
I quilted some of the doll quilts, it was also relaxing and I even sewed one more.

It really did not take too long to quilt this small one:

I named this one "Lucky stars", I am so pleased with the colors, I do love it!
And of course it made me quite happy too.

The cosy feeling that the country colors have is so intense that I then decided to sew another quilt with such fabrics.
I love scrap quilts, I can use all the rest and the fat quarters I bought without really having something in mind, just because they were beatiful.
I looked through this book and it was kind of hard to decide which one!!!

The one on the cover caught my eyes and it is the one I will start sewing.

I bought lot of Thimbleberries fat quarters a couple of years ago (just because they were so beatifu, you konw!...), but I still didn't have any project to work with.

Well, the time has come!

It is a LOT of cutting as one can see in the instructions, but the result is worthwhile!

This amount isn't probably enough, but that is what I had already washed, and I know I won't cut all at once, so the next step is to wash some more soon!

A bit of 5" squares to start with.
The dark, medium and light ones.

Let's try one block first and see how it looks:

First block done!!

Well, after so much cutting I needed a brake!

Time for a cup of tea and a piece of cake in the company of the lovely Mrs. Cookie!
I just can't bake without her!

Tomorrow I will keep on cutting and sewing and I'll try my best to post the new blocks!
I hope this week to be a very productive one!
See you later!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Slow down

It is friday.

Another week that just went by so fast!...

I did a lot of things, started new ones, thought of so many things that I would like to do, sometimes my head gets dizzy by thinking and planning so much.

Somehow I know I have to take a break, look back and take my time.
Time to see more closely all what is around me and time to appreciate all the wonders we still have.

I love this video, it calms me down, it fulls me with joy and it reminds me to slow down.
Enjoy it too, it is beatiful.

Have a calm and nice weekend!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Going back to the roots!

After sewing with a lot of batiks and modern patterns, I really had the need to sew in country colors again, I love old quilts and country , warm colors.They always give me a cozy feeling, it is like they seem to say, " you are welcome! I will keep you safe and warm!".

Then, I also realized that , so far, I had no pictures of my quilts and wall hanging and my miniature quilts on my blog!!!

Isn't it funny, I was only writing or posting about things I was sewing or doing, but not a single note about what I have already sewn!
Now I got the photos on badgets, so at least they are part of my blog.

These doll beds are like treasures to me, they were exactly what I was looking for.

I still have to clean them and sew some new bed sheets and pillows, but..., the best part of it is sewing doll quilts! I actually have more Teddy bears than dolls, but they need quilts too.

So I took the time to look through these lovely books to find some inspiration:

Aren't these doll quilts sweet?

I just feel like sewing everything!!!

"Living with little quilts" is definitely one of my favorite books, the idea for almost all of my Little quilts came from this book.

The sound of this sewing machine is simply wonderful! It is my "old timer"!!
To me, it is the perfect one to sew little quilts and miniatures.
I am so lucky to have this one!!

I don't know how many doll quilts I will sew, but the more, the better!

These are the ones I want to hand quilt as soon as possible, hand quilting is sooo relaxing!
I think I had enough of machine quilting...

So, that was I could post today!

I wish you a nice week !
And lots of time for all of us to sew, quilt, craft, bake and eveything else!

Some of the last photos of a sunny day I had in my garden.